blackhand2b.jpgRoss Moffat's The Black Hand Gang is a fan-made attempt at digitally preserving a children's book by H.J. Press that has been out of print for years. The book tells the story of a group of young detectives who embarks on adventures to help the police solve crimes. The narration is shown on the left side of the book, while the right portion carries wonderful illustrations that will require players to study in their search for elusive clues.

A question is always asked at the bottom of the current page in relation to the story. To answer the question, all you have to do is to click on the right object in the pictures as a response, then type in a word to explain why you've made that choice. A score counter keeps track of how well you're doing with a case, though you're always allowed to make mistakes and just proceed with the story as if you've guessed the right answer.

blackhand3b.jpgThis AGS adaptation of the book features all four chapters published in the original. Sadly the author had passed away a decade ago, but his son Julian Press has been continuing the family tradition with his own series of books that he writes and illustrates called Get-a-Clue.

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