touchdg.jpgThough the name implies a roguelike for mobile devices, Quikding's Touch Dungeon is an exploration game that tries to combine arcade elements with simple touch controls. In it you play as an adventurer on a quest for fame and fortune inside an endless dungeon, and depending on which play mode you choose each game will last for only sixty seconds or until your character gets killed by an enemy.

Your avatar will always walk from left to right at a constant speed, and you can move them around the screen by tapping above or below them. Any weapons you carry will be automatically used on your enemies, but monsters are easier to kill if you keep your sword or staff pointed at their general direction. Coins retrieved from fallen adversaries and treasure chests can be spent in the shop to purchase special items like the speed boots or revive potions.

Gameplay in Quest Mode is excruciatingly slow, and having to assist other adventurers return to the surface is a pointless exercise. On the other hand Speed Mode is where Touch Dungeon excels at, since players are encouraged to tap on their screens furiously as they try to make it to the next staircase in the quickest possible time. Collecting coins in this mode also adds two seconds to the clock, so be sure to grab any you see on your way to the exit.

Touch Dungeon is free to download now on all iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.

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