Eidolon is an upcoming exploration game that has been in production for over a year, though a trailer was only recently released to showcase the project on video. Set in a post-apocalyptic Western Washington landscape in the near future, your task here is to uncover artefacts left behind by your ancestors and piece together the history of a past civilization.

According to the developer, players will start the adventure at a cabin. Armed with a bow and a fishing rod, you'll have to forage and hunt for food while trying to survive dangerous elements like hungry bears and cold weather. The historical artefacts that you have to collect will be in the form of simple everyday things like journals, newspapers, magazines, brochures and transcripts. Some of these printed or written words may even be related to you, hence providing players with more motivation to seek them out and find clues about their background.

Ice Water Games expects to have Eidolon finished and ready for release by around mid-2014 (coming out for Windows and Mac first).