fa'el beyond the gate.pngAt first glance, Argentinian developer Zlash's Fa'el - Beyond The Gate - may appear like another voxel based indie game, but it's what lies beneath, or rather "inside yourself" that sounds special. Described as an action/exploration adventure in a 2.75D world filled with pixel art that bends around itself and inside out, Fa'el is a Steam Concept that I hope fast-tracks through Greenlight as quickly as the developer can manage.

While we get to see some interesting mechanics that remind me slightly of the multi-dimensional exploration from Wii's Super Paper Mario and hear some great tunes from Yamajet, the trailer doesn't show how the companion Game Boy game Fa'el - Beyond The Edge - looks or works. According to the Steam page, players will be able to import content from the game via a password system.

Zlash has teased a single photo of this companion game running on a Game Boy Pocket, as seen here:

game boy pocket.jpeg

The concept page teases a mystery players will have to solve that links all the different worlds of Fa'el, which are filled with challenging and amazing bosses. The worlds will have inhabitants to experiment with and talk to, which will help uncover the history behind Fa'el.

What sounds really neat is the ability to "warp to the world inside yourself to customize it, improve your abilities, and source special powers."

That's about it for information for now: no Greenlight to vote, a main website with just a title design. Miguel Angel's Twitter account is slightly more active, where he said that he decided to use 2.75D to annoy people, since 2.5D is nonsensical and overused already. I expect Fa'el then to be just as playful a game when it releases for PC and Game Boy.

He made the crazy Snaaaake!, after all.

[Thanks for sharing, Daniel B.]