Four-person team Hello Games debuted its next title, No Man's Sky, at the Spike VGX Awards this evening with this visually stunning trailer. The developer behind stunt racing series Joe Danger is now working on a sci-fi game set in an infinite, procedural universe. Several outlets are reporting that No Man's Sky is a "next-gen" title, but no specific platforms have been announced.

Gamespot has a few additional words from Hello Games' Sean Murray to tease about No Man's Sky. "We wanted to make a game about exploration and we wanted to make a game that was real... if you can see it, you can walk there."

Sean mentioned Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke as influences for the game's setting. According to Gamespot, planets will have their own ecology and ecosystems, and everyone is playing in the same universe.

Those wishing to stare at the hypnotic pulses of a sky creature can do so at the game's official website.