trippyb2a.jpgLuke Rissacher's Trippy Trippy Bad Bad is a puzzle arena shooter in which players have to get their on-screen avatar past a swarm of insects and make it to the exit of every room. You can only avoid the creepy-crawlies in the first few stages, but latter levels will contain guns for you to collect and use in your escape.

Each enemy will have its own unique traits for players to discover. Giant beetles chase after you whenever you get close to them, centipedes split into two when you shoot at any part of their body, while ants move in a straight line and will only change direction when they bump into an obstacle.

trippyb2b.jpgMost rooms take less than a minute to play through, and a level skip option is included for players who are having difficulty getting past any of them. There's also a boss fight at the end of the campaign, and you can unlock two extra modes if you beat enough stages under their par time.

The Windows version of Trippy Trippy Bad Bad is available to download now from Quadruple-A's site.

[Download Trippy Trippy Bad Bad]