twinbots2a.pngMarcos Diez's TwinBots is a 2D puzzle platformer that puts you in control of the Twinbots - cloned creatures that share the same mind and are controlled by an unknown entity to do its bidding. Because you get to order the Twinbots around, you'll have to help them through all of the 40 test chambers that were prepared for them as an experiment.

The first few stages require you to get just one TwinBot to the exit, but latter puzzles will introduce colour-coded Twinbots and doors that will only allow the right clone to pass through. Expect to encounter a combination of deadly spikes, acid pools, and spinning saws that will kill or maim any clone that touches them, regardless of whether it was on purpose or by accident.

Save for the last dozen of levels or so, you'll breeze through most of the chambers without much of a problem. The auto-restart option is turned off by default, but you can enable it during play by clicking on the auto-reload toggle at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Twinbots is available to play now at Newgrounds and Kongregate.