Somehow, after nearly 30 years of the concept being beat into the medium, robots jumping over things has yet to become a stale base concept. You certainly won't find any rust on Iota, a new XBLIG platformer that makes use of a dual-color shifting mechanic.

The Cashie Brothers did a fine job mixing in the ability to absorb energy of your color in with the platforming, which might feel a bit basic without it. It opens up the door for moments where you need to activate your hover-shield under a constantly firing turret and allow it to recharge your battery as you wait for the moving floor to return to its normal position beneath you.

Of course, there are plenty of simpler moments as well. Moments where you'll need to switch between red and blue mid-jump as well, testing your reflexes. The dash mechanic is also great fun, potentially adding distance -- and challenge -- between each ledge.

Red, blue... the Cashie Brothers are hoping to see Washington's green mug a few times with this release. Iota is available on XBLIG right now for $1.