orbitalis5b.pngThe Early Access version of Alan Zucconi's Ludum Dare 28 entry 0RBITALIS is now available to buy from itch.io, featuring more levels to play through and a handful of new challenges incorporated into the gameplay. Similar to the jam build, the objective here is to launch the red probe in a direction where it can stay on screen safely for a couple of seconds without crashing into any other objects.

Besides having more missions, there are also instances where a level can only be completed if you send your satellite to orbit around certain planets. The target planets have geometrical shapes like triangles or hexagons surrounding them, and the white gauge will only fill up when the probe is in their proximity. A new star chart also allows players to return to levels that they have previously completed, although currently there's very little incentive to do so once you've beaten any of the past missions.

0RBITALIS can be purchased at a minimum of $3.14 from here, and if you want to try a demo first then the Ludum Dare submission hosted at Newgrounds is more than capable of giving you a taste of the full version.