Death has always proved to be a vengeful and spiteful deity in mythology when people challenge its power. The Wizard in A Wizard's Lizard learns this first hand, when Death has had quite enough of his tampering with the natural order of things. After he is whisked away by this malevolent force, you take it upon yourself, as his pet lizard, to venture out and save him. So begins your journey.

We've likely all played our fair share of top-down action RPGs, be it The Legend of Zelda, or Gauntlet, or The Binding of Isaac, so the action in A Wizard's Lizard is actually pretty familiar feeling. Move about, kill enemies, collect items, don't get hit. It lends itself pretty well to the dual-analog control setup, and each fight, whether it's with a room full of monsters or just a handful of enemies, is snappy and fun.

One of the coolest aspects is that sometimes you have to die in order to collect certain items. They're squirreled away on the spiritual plane, and while you can see them while living, you can't reach them. Of course, if you die when crossed over, you'll die for good, so caution is the name of the game. It can be worth it, though, as equipment and weapon upgrades are often rewards for your heroics.

A Wizard's Lizard is available for preorder right now on Windows, Mac and Linux for $12, which is 20 percent off the normal price. One purchase will net you all three versions. It will release on January 22. A Wii U version is also being developed. The game is also on Steam Greenlight.