baddreams1a.jpgBad Dream: Butcher is a horror point-and-click game made by Desert Fox as a prototype for a larger project. You move around the dream world by clicking on the edges on the screen, and your cursor changes to a hand icon whenever it is over an object that can be interacted with. There are a couple of surprises that will be spoiled beyond this paragraph, so feel free to try it out first before reading any further.

Unlike in many other adventure games, players will have to be mindful of which objects they decide to pick up or interact with. Mistakes can be costly, and though it won't necessarily mean the end of your life it will cause irreparable damage to both your person and your sanity. According to the developer, it is possible to complete the game without getting hurt, but from my own playthrough I've not actually figured out how to achieve this.

The Windows version of Bad Dream: Butcher is available to download from Indie DB and Game Jolt, and it takes about twenty minutes to play from start to end.

[Download Bad Dream: Butcher]