You wake up in the void. You have no knowledge of how you got there. You have no knowledge of what to do next. Reluctantly, you walk in the only direction available, and hope to find a way out, or some answers at least. That's how Fever Blue, an entry into Ludum Dare 28, begins.

Eventually you gain the ability to shoot using the mouse. Enemies are easily dispatched but show up in ever-increasing swarms as you move from screen to screen. While many rooms have exits in all four directions, you often have to choose only one to travel using a rune. Puzzling your path through the environments this way is your real objective, since escaping is what you want to do.

The game didn't exactly reach completion when put up against developer Raiyumi's vision, but it's still a pretty fun 15-20 minutes of top-down action, especially considering the 72-hour development time.

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Thanks Nyrrrr!