pale pale.pngKachina and Nudo developer Ben Esposito and musician bo en's playable music video pale machine will take you only a few minutes to try. If the above image catches your attention, imagine the rest of this game-song.

I loved interacting with the video, even though I felt I only "played" a part of it in the beginning and merely "played along" with the rest. I suppose that the music would have suffered by pausing if it waited for me to figure out what to do in later scenes.

I asked Ben if he thought "game" applies here. "I think 'game' suits it better because you do play it, rather than just watch it (like a video). It's incomplete without a player accepting the invitation to dance."

However you label your experience, I think pale machine deserves a few minutes of your time. After, be sure to try bo en's other game-music collaborations, including i miss you with Todd Luke and Friend with Sean Hogan and Alex Van Drop.