swap.pngSwap is another winner from the GitHub Game Off. Created by Noah Moroze, Swap is at its heart a puzzle game. However, some of the levels require some combination of fast thinking, quick reflexes, and coordination.

At any given time, you control a blue circle. You can move it using the arrow keys, and if there are two or more blue circles, you can swap between them by pressing the space bar. Your goal is to get one of the blue circles to the green square while avoiding red ones. Squares of other colors have different properties that you learn to deal with as you go through the levels. Sometimes the controllable blue circles have special properties which can only be uncovered by playing the game.

Color is the only thing setting the squares apart, unfortunately, so colorblind folk will have a hard time playing this one. Sound is not used to indicate anything, though, so the hard of hearing will have no trouble.

[Play Swap | View the source code]