dead underground.pngSmudged Cat Games (Gateways, Shuggy) has released an in-progress minimal zombie strategy game Dead Underground, with a layout based upon the highly traveled London Underground service.

Dead Underground is a curious but solid departure from the puzzle platformers the developer normally serves up. The in-game tutorial does a quick job of explaining how humans must fight the zombies, heal at certain stations, rescue survivors, and ration research to build up napalm, (possibly performance-enhancing drugs for) speed, and even a cure for the outbreak.

David Johnston told me on Twitter that future plans for Dead Underground may include different underground systems as levels, with each having a unique twist.

In Smudged Cat related news, David gave a talk at the Dublin Institute of Technology's State of Play event, with a video that just went live. I haven't seen too many recorded appearances of the dev-dad, so I figured it'd be nice to share his presentation here:

[Play Dead Underground]