candy crunch legend.jpgDevelopers Zaratustra and Matt Rix have already contributed two diverse puzzle games to the trademark-poking Candy Jam effort. Zaratustra has created the above-pictured PuzzleScript game Candy Crunch Legend, which takes the classic Concentration gameplay to the next level.

Players have to match three of the same kind of item by flipping over cards and swapping them so they line up vertically or horiztonally. Only with a full board clear can players advance to the next stage.

candy combo.jpgThose who clear through Candy Crunch Legends' 3 levels can give this other Candy Jam game a go, as extra credit. Matt Rix submitted previously unfinished prototype Candy Combo, which is a fast-paced, combo-making game. Players drag any pair of numbers on top of each other and then continue to make pairs in a chain that follows the loop 1-2-3-4-1.

These two have opposite pacing, so see which treat hits your sweet spot!

[Play Candy Crunch Legend, Play Candy Combo]