CATDAMMIT! Director's Cat is an upgraded version of Fir&Flams' free game CATDAMMIT!, and is currently up on Steam Greenlight for approval to get on Steam. Originally made in under three weeks for the EDGE and Unity3D's GIG Challenge, it features a chainsaw-wielding hobo cat who roams the city looking for stuff to destroy.

Players get to break stuff and collect things for points, but they'd have to keep an eye on the overheat meter for the chainsaw as well. It explodes when it gets too hot, thus ending the adventure since our feline hero will also get caught in the blast. To counter this, there are plenty of water bottles and bubbles to pick up around town, helping to cool down the chainsaw so that players may keep on using it to cause mayhem and destruction.

According to developers Artur Hilger and Marcin Barciński, the upcoming Director's Cat version is set to feature new locations, more enemies, random events and several new game modes. The team hopes to have the game completed and ready for release on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms sometime in the first quarter of 2014.