catlateral3a.pngOriginally created for the August 2013 7DFPS game jam, Catlateral Damage is a first-person simulation game that lets you play as a cat with a maniacal intent of messing up its owner's room. The objective here is to knock as many of the owner's possessions to the ground as you can in under two minutes, and points are awarded depending on how quickly you can swipe things off tables and shelves.

Besides the new scoring system, the latest version (v4.0a) released just a couple of days ago also features improved physics, updated graphics, and more items to smack around. Developer Chris Chung is currently working on extra levels for the game and hopes to have it up on Steam Greenlight sometime soon.

Until then, you can download and play the alpha build of Catlateral Damage at Indie DB or play it online.