chesskob2o.pngWould you believe it: Jim McCann may have crafted the world's first Sokoban game to feature chess pieces in his brand new creation, Chesskoban. There's a surprising amount of variety in the puzzles presented by this prototype, and though you'd still have to get the boxes to their designated areas, the chess pieces can only be moved around according to the actual rules of chess.

It starts out extremely easy, with the first few levels teaching players how to use the King to push boxes. Soon after that, chess pieces of the opposite colour are introduced, and if a piece is captured it will be removed from the board completely (regardless of whether you did it on purpose or otherwise). The situation is further complicated by the limited board space to move chess pieces around, and you'll be resorting to both the undo and reset buttons more than once during your attempt to solve the harder puzzles.

The current prototype of Chesskoban includes twenty levels to beat, and it's currently available to play at TCHOW's site.