We recently introduced you to Chronology, a puzzle platformer in which you play an inventor who goes back and forth through time trying to alter history and restore the world to its former glory. We have word now from developer OSAO Games that the game has broken into the top 10 on Greenlight, and although the gods of Greenlight are fickle, that bodes well for a release in the near future. In the meantime, the full soundtrack is available for purchase, and even if the game doesn't interest you, the music might.

The Chronology soundtrack is a change of pace for composer Niels Höjgaard Sörensen, whose typical genre is acoustic punk, but since this music was composed specially for Chronology it's of a more ambient flavor. If you listen to his other albums on Bandcamp, you'll hear some similarities in compositional style, but the Chronology soundtrack is a definite change of pace. The soundtrack oozes time travel by incorporating clock-like sounds into many of the tracks, too. If the whole game holds up to the quality of the soundtrack, I think we're in for a treat. If you want to listen for yourself, head over to Bandcamp, where you can buy the Chronology soundtrack for $3 at the moment.