Futurebeard's Cloudface is an upcoming 2D platformer that's inspired by games like the Earthworm Jim and Warioland series. In it you play as a business-cloud on a quest to retrieve important documents stolen by the evil King Konniver. The hand-drawn animation evokes fond memories of saturday morning cartoons, and coupled with the cheery musical soundtrack by Calum Bowen the development team hopes to deliver a playful experience from start to end.

Their current plan is to create six zones with three stages each and a boss fight at the end of every zone, but there will be secrets and bonus levels to discover as well. The game will feature a variety of weather-based powerups to use, such as the ability to command a cloud of rain, blow gusts of winds, freeze water, or just make rainbows appear to cheer up other characters that you'll meet during the adventure.

Cloudface is being developed using Unity3D and will be available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms when it's completed. A very early pre-alpha build is available to play now at Indie DB.