Developer Winged Pixel combines turn-based dungeon crawling with town building in the newly released Heroes of a Broken Land for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Players assume the role of one of six wizards, whose power eventually corrupted and shattered the Old World and who must now restore and rebuild the procedurally generated, broken world, one fragment at a time.

While you start off with a few heroes, you want to develop the town to better them (through training and new equipment) on your search for each fragment's Crystal Heart. Once you've assembled your party, you can traverse the overhead map to find the first dungeon, and your fight to rebuild begins.

Winged Pixel offers a browser-based and downloadable demo to try before purchasing the full game for $15 directly, through Gamers Gate, or Desura. Heroes of a Broken Land is also on Steam Greenlight, for those wanting it on Valve's digital platform.

[Heroes of a Broken Land]