After getting the Steam Greenlight, Robit Studios has released a two-island demo for Treasure Adventure World today for Windows users. Players can explore the Cargale Island to learn the basic mechanics of the game or jump right into artifact-hunting on the sandstormy Tenerife Island.

While introductory stages can often seem slow paced, Treasure Adventure World does a good job at teaching through playing without too much hand- er, hook-holding. Furthermore, the backgrounds in the Cargale Island really burst with multiple layers, colors, and life, almost in contrast to Tenerife Island. Desert-like locations can be tricky to spruce up, but the game has time to bring it a little more to life during development.

I found a ring-jumping sequence to be a little tricky to pull off, for what I feel is a bit of slow hook swing, but after a few tries I could make it across. You'll see what I mean in the demo, hosted at IndieDB and publisher Chuckefish's website.

The demo shouldn't take you too long to complete, but the meaty freeware hit Treasure Adventure Game upon which this is based is still available and is highly recommended.