Brightly-colored, geometric strategy game Rymdkapsel has made a name for itself as an RTS designed for and well suited to touchscreen devices. Now, however, developer Grapefrukt has brought their game to the PC for all the major operating systems, complete with two new game modes, new monoliths, and Steam support for leaderboards, achievements, and cloud saves.

Those new to Rymdkapsel would do well to start by reading our original review of the game. The gameplay mechanics and the original level are left completely intact for this new release, which means old hats will be completely at home with the PC version and new hats will still be able to pick up the game quickly.

The mouse replaces the touch controls, but the interface is as intuitive as ever. One could argue that they should have included a few keyboard shortcuts for the PC version, but too many and/or certain kinds of keyboard shortcuts could have changed the game's dynamics. Still, it would have been nice if it were possible to use the number keys to choose what kind of room to build, for example, instead of being required to click and drag to create every room.

There are two new game modes. Plus mode gives us a new level to play. It has four new monoliths with different, nifty powers to discover. Zen mode has no enemies, making it a pressure-free sandbox mode in which players can do whatever they want. In Zen mode, however, Steam players will not be able to earn achievements or spots on the leaderboards. Those can only be earned in Normal and Plus modes. These new features will be exclusive to the PC version for a limited time before being made available to all previous versions as a free update.

Rymdkapsel is available on Steam as well as directly from Grapefrukt via a Humble widget at 10% off the regular price of $7.99. Buying directly from the developer gets you both DRM-free copies for all operating systems and a Steam code. The special Monolith Edition, which can only be obtained directly from Grapefrukt, is $11.99 and also comes with a copy of the Android version (which doesn't yet have the new features), the soundtrack, ringtones for your phone, and a copy of TENNNES, a game by Vlambeer's Jan Willem Nijman. You can also purchase the 45-minute Rymdkapsel soundtrack, which includes the music from all three game modes, via Bandcamp.

[Get Rymdkapsel for PC directly from Grapefrukt | or on Steam | Get the Rymdkapsel OST]