faif3b.pngSimilar to Dungeon Raid and 10000000, Faif is a puzzle game that incorporates both RPG elements and a luck-based battle system. Originally created by Beavl for the Ludum Dare 28 compo, the objective here is to reduce your opponent's hit points to zero before he does the same to you. You and your opponent will take turns picking five tiles each time, and once the tiles are chosen one will be selected at random to decide what happens during that round.

If the selected tile is a heart or a gem, you'll get some health points or gems for that round. Players inflict damage by choosing some sword and skull tiles to initiate an attack. You lose health points when the skull is highlighted, but the same rules also apply to your enemies. Any gems collected can be used to purchase upgrades from the shop, and once bought the effects from those upgrades will last for the rest of the game.

Faif is available to play now on your browser at Beavl's site. The Android version can also be downloaded from Google Play for a pre-release discounted price of $0.99.