TCHOW Rainbow for iOS, spotted first in our IGF 2014 mobile highlights, has been marked down to free for 24 hours. As the video shows, players steer rainbows through the sky to bring colors to the creatures trapped in mazes. Players must also learn how to split the rainbow to reach multiple creatures.

Pocket Gamer noticed the sale and spoke briefly to the developer to find out why it was reduced to free after only two weeks on sale. Jim McCann said he would get a front-page feature on if it were free for a day. He also hopes the new sharing features in the next build will help spread the word of the game once it's in many people's hands, and by that time it will be back to a paid app.

Those who have an Android device can buy TCHOW Rainbow for $2, and those without either mobile device can enjoy the free browser-based prototype, made for Ludum Dare 25 and which won the innovation category. TCHOW's most recent free PC game featured here was the puzzler Chesskoban, a combination of the popular board game and Sokoban.

[TCHOW Rainbow free on iTunes]