This Global Game Jam entry was made in Sapporo by a team of nine people. Called MiruMirror, it's a puzzle platformer for Mac and Windows in which certain platforms can be mirrored over an axis centered at the player's current location.

The goal is to get across the level to the door on the other side. Avatar movement is controlled by the arrow keys; left and right to move, up to jump. Moving the mirror-like platform blocks is done with the A, Z, and X buttons on the keyboard. X is used to flip things in front of the player behind her, A is used to flip things at her level or higher down below the level of her feet, and Z flips things below her up. Falling on spikes restarts the level and there is at least one spike in every level because the mirror-like blocks can only take so many flips before they break.

The game is available from its Global Game Jam page. To play, unzip the file and go into the release folder. Windows players then have to browse into the win folder and start the .exe file. Mac users need to unzip the file called

The only places in the game that have Japanese text are the game title, the controls explanation, and at the end of a stage, where the top/default option is to continue to the next level and the bottom option returns to the main menu.

As a bonus, the game is available under a CC-BY-NC-SA license with all the source code, so tinkerers familiar with XNA and MonoGame can try their hand at modding the game.

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