transcube.pngGitHub recently announced the winners for their second Game Off, a month-long game making competition. Jeroen Verfallie's Transcube is one of the winners. It's a puzzle platformer that shares some of what makes Portal so excellent, though in place of a sadistic AI with false promises of cake, you get an adorable cube person.

The controls are very simple. You can move left and right, you can jump, you can select possible things to transform into, and you can transform. Each level gives you only so many uses of a given transformation option, so making efficient and creative use of the tools you are given is key to success. As in Portal, each successive puzzle teaches you more about the game and how to best use the environment to proceed, putting emphasis on learning to how play the game while you are playing it. The whole time, you're treated to calm music that is great for thinking and a map which changes perspective depending on the direction you're facing. It's a clean, well-balanced game which is just a pleasure to play. It also succeeds at being playable by the colorblind and the hearing-impaired. And since this was done for a GitHub contest, the source code is, of course, available for anyone who wants to look at it.

[Play Transcube | View the source]