termsandconditions.pngMerritt Kopas recently ran the Naked Twine Jam, a game jam in which you must use Twine with no mods to make a game. The easy availability of mods for Twine has started raising concerns about plain Twine games not being "polished" enough. From the Naked Twine Jam page:

"I've pushed Twine as an accessible means of making games in the past and I don't want to see it get pulled into the commercial videogame logic that seems to infect so much game design, even the furthest outside the industry. That's where the Naked Twine Jam comes in."

Here are a few selections from the 46 games produced for the Naked Twine Jam.

Terms and Conditions

termsandconditions2.pngYour choices are limited in this game by Cameron Higby-Naquin, but that's the point. If you want to use the device/software, you have to agree to the terms and conditions. It's a common thing that is often treated as a mere annoyance but is really a serious thing to think about. At least these terms and conditions are entertaining to read.

Endless Reaches Through Mind and Soul

endlessreaches.pngThis one by Bryan Rumsey is a more traditional choose-your-own-adventure kind of story. You play an explorer who is checking out an unknown area. What's in this corner? What does this do? But the landscape can change, exits can appear and disappear, and the first time I played through it I got a depressing ending. This is one with the potential to make you think.

Game Jam Jam Game

gamejamjamgame.pngNathan Weizenbaum and Liz Cady took a route fraught with wordplay, jamming as many uses of "jam" into their game jam game about jam. They're more clever about it than I was with that sentence, though, and other puns abound. This one is definitely good for a giggle. If you like puns, that is.

[Naked Twine Jam]