two friends one dungeon.pngThe winners of the first Trials of Oryx 'Ultimate Roguelike Challenge' were chosen today. Announced back in November with the release of Bung-indie Christopher Barret aka Oryx's popular Famaze, developers had to create a game using his Ultimate Roguelike Tileset. Judges included original Rogue creator Glenn Wichman and Cardinal Quest creator Ido Yehieli. 3 winners took home over $600.00 in cash and devtool prizes. The winners are as follows:

adventuringcompany.pngIn first place and winning $500.00 is Slothwerks' Adventuring Company for browsers and Android. Players spend their gold via point-and-click to reveal the map and either collect treasure and loot or fight bad guys. The player can choose any one of four warriors, each with his own skills, to do battles. If they don't go to the tavern to rest and re-recruit, they are permadead.

Developer Eric told me that the new version of Adventuring Company will probably do away with the gold requirement altogether. See, if you spend all your gold revealing the board, your game ends. I don't mind it as a resource management mechanic, such as having the warriors stop working if you don't have money, but I just would have liked a warning the game would abruptly end without me being able to click on revealed tiles.

fantasy dungeon.pngSecond place, $100 winner is a Windows freeware turn-based roguelike Fantasy Dungeon by TeeDoubleU, where you assemble a party of 3 out of 6 possible characters to do your bidding. And in third is Sanojian's browser-based, local co-op (or dual-controlled, for those so skilled) roguelike Two Friends, One Dungeon (pictured at top of article).

To enter, all of the games had to use the Ultimate Roguelike Tileset, which was marked down to $12.50 for the contest. You can view all the games made here.