unfolder image.jpgUnfolder is Chris Gaudino's free iOS geometric puzzle game based around triangles. You move the triangle by touching or swiping (the settings allows you to pick which control scheme) to unfold it over one of its three edges. It goes something like this:

unfolder.gifIn the main game mode, you are timed to solve as many randomly generated puzzles as possible; you gain time for each puzzle solved and lose time for anything skipped. Classic mode contains 30 hand-designed puzzles with no time limit. The generator mode has four difficulty levels that will create an infinite number of randomly generated puzzles.

Unfolder is set to release on Android in a few weeks. I'd suggest an "undo" button for future updates, as I sometimes want to undo one "unfold" instead of starting the whole process over again. Those weary of free iOS games should know ad banners have been unobtrusive so far, but you can remove all ads for $3.

[Unfolder on iTunes]