flammable not everything.png4,175 free games and growing, says the latest statistics from the 2014 Global Game Jam. Kicking off our extended highlights from the event, David Shiyang Liu, Alex Hu, and Mac Lotze say they won their Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania judges' votes and mine with Not Everything is Flammable for Windows.

It's one of the most dangerous games of dominoes ever.

Players magically control inanimate objects, which can either jump or roll a limited amount of times (based on their amount of flames). They must come in contact with other flammable objects to keep the score scorching. Only a couple items were misleading in their appearance to me, as I expected the clothing on the coat rack to catch on fire (as most clothes tend to do). Still, it's a fun game that I played more than once to see how far I could burn.

The developers say on their entry page that "Not Everything is Flammable is a game about Anti-Consumerism, Nihilism and destroying expensive things, where the only thing that matters now is keeping that fire burning." The game was made to incorporate the Global Game Jam's theme, which this year was the following: "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are."

Scroll to the bottom of the entry page to find the executable and the source files. And if you're still on fire, over 4,000 other Global Game Jam entries await your testing.