Looking for a punishing but mostly fair platformer, where you can drop bombs from your butt? Developer soco has released free Windows game Blue Chip, where you play as a blue chip in a simply colored, but complexly designed world full of enemies, big bosses, and power-ups waiting to test your twitch skills.

Dropping bombs below you while in air, necessary especially for bosses, makes confrontations a challenging kind of awkward, as opposed to the standard horizontally striking weapons featured in most games. The controls were tight, the jumps were not impossible, and the black space was vast, leading to many more leaps of faith than I am used to. I especially enjoyed the music by DarkTriad, which I wish had continually played whenever I died.

Blue Chip was built with Bruno R. Marcos' Arcade Game Studio, in case you were inspired to make something of your own.

[Download Blue Chip]