colors game.jpgJapanese developer Kamone has released a six-stage, first-person, time attack-focused, puzzle platformer called Colors, where players gain the ability to remove one color at a time in order to advance. Players start with manipulating two colors, and eventually end up with a palette of six to switch through, while suspended in midair.

While Colors can use a lot of audiovisual polish, I liked what the gameplay presented, with the challenge of thinking about when to add or remove a certain color. I also liked the short draw distance, often requiring me to make switches quickly because I couldn't see far enough ahead. Controls are simple: WASD to move, space to jump, and left or right click to swap colors.

Kamone's Colors was made for the NICONICO Indies Game Festival 3, which has over 50 entries already to check out and try, though many are Japanese text-heavy.

[Download COLORS for Windows]