irone2a.pngMade for the 2014 Global Game Jam, Irone is a procedurally generated dungeon game that features randomized maps to explore. Players have to find a key hidden somewhere inside the maze, bring it to a locked door to open it and defeat the boss that awaits. Once you've won the fight, you'll have to jump into a hole and proceed to the next level below.

Hearts on the right represent your health, and the game ends if you lose them all. There are power-up items to collect in the dungeon that'll bestow new abilities to use, and you can even pick up more hearts to replenish those that you lost after being hurt by the enemies or accidentally stepping on a spike trap.

Made by Eugene Paik, Kyle Tenan, Mark Henrickson-Mattson, and Zach Liebowitz, Irone is available to download from the Global Game Jam site.