bombweb image.jpgVinnie_V's and BaconBoy123's Bombweb, made for the 9th GM(48) jam session on Reddit's GameMaker thread, has a lot of things going for it: great visuals and layers of gameplay with good use of the "one minute" theme. As a spider living in a clock shop, you must reclaim your 1,000 new babies that a gang of street spiders stole from you.

Each stage plays on a webbed clock face that ticks down the time and grows as a deadly black void, while you left-click to avoid this void and the spider gang. Running into the spiders costs one HP, so the way to win back the babies without getting hurt is to use the right-click to deploy bombs. You must scatter from the bomb's radius quickly, or else you will also lose one HP. Finally, you must be close enough to pick up the babies the gang members drop, before the swift hands of the clock claim them and cause a game over.

I haven't saved all 1,000 babies, but maybe your maternal or paternal instincts will kick in and be better than mine. Give it a try below, or feel free to try all 23 games made for the 9th GM(48) contest.

[Download Bombweb, Download all GM(48) 9 games]