I shouldn't be surprised that I'm looking forward to a game about an intergalactic beetle with a penchant for traveling through psychic fields, but hey, it's 2014. Things change. Coated in chrome and wickedly fast, Drool's Thumper is an intensely eye-catching piece of software.

The story is simple, but the best kind of crazy. A supernatural force known as the Crakhed (yes, that's not a typo) has turned the focus of its malevolent energy toward destroying the game's titular silver bug. So naturally, your mission is to survive the onslaught and take the fight to Crakhed itself, eradicating your foe from the cosmos.

So far, the racing-on-a-track style gameplay looks a lot like a strange mixture of F-Zero and Dyad. You'll have access to several moves, like jumping, thumping, flying, sliding and pounding. Drool is planning a 2014 release for Thumper, though platforms are currently unknown.