asteroid base.gifWhether or not you enjoy thinking about how to pronounce "GIF," I imagine you enjoy looking at them! After seeing the beautiful GIF above tweeted from Asteroid Base, I thought it would be a nice way to spend Friday looking at several developers' games here. Who knows, maybe it'll catch on with the community, and next week we'll have more GIFs to gawk at.

Onto the GIFs!

(From above) Asteroid Base's Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime: "a frantic local co-op platformer-inside-a-shooter, in which players work together piloting a bright pink battleship to save planets, explore the galaxy, and fight evil robots."

roundabout around.gifNo Goblin's Roundabout: "a multilayered take on open world exploration, streak based scoring, and puzzle traversal."

tree game.gifJimmy Andrews' How to Be a Tree "I'm making a game about being a tree. My friend Ghost of Electricity is doing the music and sounds."

burrito galaxy.gifMagmush's Burrito Galaxy: Mega-Tortilla Bean Saga 30X6 - Planetoid SAL-5A XIV's Struggle 3D SECOND IMPACT Directors Cut RE: Rolled': "FIRST-PERSON NEO-BURRITOCORE PROCEDURAL DUNGEON CRAWLING RHYTHMIC - COOKING Beantroid-vania experience." (full sized GIF here)

codemancer.gifImportant Little Games' Codemancer: "a fantasy game that teaches the magic of code."

GOLF RPG.gifFloor 27 Industries' RPG Golf: "we made an RPG with golf-like elements."

skirmish2.gifStellar Jockeys' Matador: semi-randomized "real-time action game where you fight to clear an entire city in a single night.

PhatomPI_GIFriday.gifRocket 5 Studios' The Phantom P.I.: "spooky comedy adventure game starring paranormal investigator Cecil Sparks, who specializes in helping ghosts who are being bullied in the afterlife."

thedezert.gifNet Grind Games' The Dezert: "a non-Euclidean adventure through inner space" and also an "FPS about magic space mushrooms."

Loïc Dansart's Melody's Escape: "a runner/rhythm PC game with gameplay synchronized to your own music library!"

frog sord new.gifMech 6's Frog Sord: "a fast paced 2D action-platformer, where landing jumps is just as important as landing blows with your Sord."

bonfire moacube.gifMoacube's Bonfire: "a lightweight tactical RPG with strong roguelike influences that respects your time... and hates your guts."

OKHLOS.gifCoffee Powered Machine's Okhlos: "a game about an angry mob in ancient Greece. You will have to travel all around Greece and assemble a huge group of angry people, to fight armies, mythological creatures and even gods!"

**NSFW GIF of the week**

Roope Tamminen's Lakeview Cabin sequel (no site yet).

What games would you like to know more about? Let us know!

Missed our call for games on Twitter? Feel free to email John Polson a 480px wide GIF, a link to your website, and a short description of your game. Can't decide what GIF is best to submit? Make a gallery like Fancy Skulls (on Greenlight) developer Tequibo.

Lastly, thanks to developer Tom Koll, here are two programs to record GIFs easily, he says: GifCam (Windows) and LICEcap (Windows, Mac) .