Philippines-based Innomen Productions is working on an RPG set in a future in which Mars and Earth are just breaking into open war with each other. The player takes on the role of Junius Farenheit, captain of a ship called the Sierra tasked with bringing rebel-held locations back under Terran control. The player will fight real-time space battles in between choices that determine the course of the story.

Sierra Ops takes place about 400 years in the future, a couple hundred years after mankind started expanding to new planets with the help of terraforming technology. At this point, the people of Mars have rebelled against Terran rule after being exploited for labor under false pretenses. They've taken over just about everything except Earth itself, and now Captain Farenheit and his ship, the Sierra, are being sent to retake the lost colonies. It looks like the story is being set up to put the player right in between a rock and a hard place, forced to choose between loyalty to a corrupt governing entity and people who just want to be treated as equals.

There are many similarities between the look of Sierra Ops and its predecessor, Operation SD: Space Defense. However, Innomen is focusing on improving everything they can. In addition to aesthetic and UI improvements, they want to add depth to the battle system, allow for greater ship customization, and improve the depth and responsiveness of the story. Rebuilding the game using Unity is also allowing them to bring it to more platforms.

To find out more about what the gameplay is like, you can check out this second video above or grab the demo for Windows, Mac, or Linux from the Innomen Productions web site. For more information about the game or to contribute funds, check out their Indiegogo project page. If you like what you see, you might also vote for Sierra Ops on Greenlight.