mes1stworld.PNGHello World Engineering has taken steps into the world of game making with Monster Eat Sushi, an iPad game in which you make sushi for a hungry horde of cartoony monsters. The game keeps you on your toes, requiring you to multi-task to serve your customers before they get tired of waiting and leave. It's kind of like a fast-paced Cooking Mama tailored for tablets.

The first few levels introduce you to the game mechanics, which involve placing ingredients on the counter in front of you, manipulating them to make sushi dishes, and tossing the finished products at your waiting customers. It isn't long before things like pouring tea and frying up non-sushi foods make their way into the mix, accompanied by new types of monsters with varying levels of patience and the occasional odd habits. Halfway through the free levels, you unlock the second world, which can be purchased for $1.99. The levels in the second world continue the established pattern of mixing things up in interesting ways.

All of the monsters and backgrounds in the game come in a bright, cartoony style which is fun to look at, but also functional. Some monsters are recolored variations of a base monster, but the recolored variations also have additional accessories added to make it easier to tell the monster types apart. The environments match the cartoony monsters in style, but are quite detailed. It's really a pleasure to look at.

Overall, Monster Eat Sushi is a quality game which offers you a good chance to get a feel for the gameplay before asking for a purchase. There's enough variety to make the game good for sitting down to play for a bit, but each level is short enough to make it good in small bites, too. Right now the game is only available for iPad, but Hello World Engineering is working on an iPhone version to be released later this year.

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