Neutronized is better know for its quality pixel work; a style of artwork that seems to come straight from the apex of the 16-bit era and always, always looks lovely. Truth be said though, there's much more to this Italian indie than meets the eye. Take the just released Lost Yeti for example. It is a game I had been keeping an eye on for quite some time and was pretty sure I could write up after a relatively short playthrough. It was supposed to behave.

Or, well, that was the idea.

An idea that, after several hours of playing with the thing instead of sleeping later, sounds incredibly silly. The game, you see, is not unlike those puzzle offerings one could find in a 90s arcade, only fresher, more interesting, better looking and, crucially, handily playable in bed. Also, way too addictive, what with its short and taxing levels always keeping one from putting the thing.

One-more-puzzle-and-it-is-over factor aside, Lost Yeti is essentially a tile sliding action puzzler, in which you get to guide an apparently suicidal Yeti to each level's exit while avoiding all sorts of baddies and pitfalls. It may not sound like the most ground-breaking idea ever, and it most definitely is not, but it's expertly designed and properly polished and thus, well, fun.

Lost Yeti is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch on the App Store for $0.99.