Rob Storm of Superboss Games contacted us to say that he's opened up early access to his multiplayer stealth FPS Intruder to the first 100 customers. We last wrote about the game in 2012, and it's great to see it opening up to the community, offering some amazing mechanics I've not really seen or heard of in online multiplayer FPS games.

What's that about redefining gameplay? It's not every day in a tactical stealth FPS you deal with security cameras, mirror cameras, motion detector sensors, hand radios for spatial voice chat (which you can eavesdrop in), sliding windows, ventilation shafts, elevators, and more.

Rob says the present version is a stable alpha, but the team still wants to implement "tons of new stuff" such as "more levels, game modes, [and] big stuff we can't mention because we don't talk about stuff we don't have at least 90% working."

Intruder is available for early access (lowercased, this isn't on Steam now) for Windows and Mac machines at $10 for the first 100 supporters. While Rob has sold batches to followers of the game during Christmas, he tells me this is the first time he's extending invites to the broader indie gaming public. Further, "We sell in batches to make sure all kinks are worked out between groups."

Rob tells me his team will be looking at Steam later, but they want to make sure their store has everything working first. If you miss out on this limited early access, Rob says the team occasionally lets out copies to paid customers on different days. As for when another batch of games will drop, that depends on how this batch goes, Rob states.

So, yeah. Act fast.

[Intruder for Windows and Mac]