Ferris.pngFerris, your mule, your green and all around fun to be with mule to be precise, has gone missing. Again. He claims you've been a nasty enough master to force a mule mutiny, claims he's not a slave and demands nine golden carrots as a proof of your affection. Truth be said, he's not fooling you. He's probably just lazying off and you are definitely going to find out where said beast is hiding - in glorious point-and-click fashion no less.

Ferris Mueller's Day Off, though, is no ordinary adventure game. It's a wild and wonderful romp through a surreal version of an anachronisms filled Wild West, that comes complete with tons of puzzles, silly dialog, odd characters, great humor and a big and detailed world to explore. It also comes highly recommended! With an in-game camera too.

Ferris Mueller's Day Off is available for iOS on the App Store and Android on Google Play.