HASHIGOsha.jpgWhich? and Hoshi Saga developer Nekogames (Yoshio Ishii) created Hashigosha or "hook-and-ladder truck," and its frantic life-saving gameplay and upgrade system definitely hooks you in for multiple plays.

Your goal is to save as many people as possible from the burning building, using the mouse to extend and lower the carriage and A or D keys to move the truck. Once five people commit suicide from waiting too long, it's game over.

You start out only being able to rescue a few at a time, but with money earned in either of the two modes, you can upgrade to do the job more expediently. The upgrade abilities screen has a bunch of Japanese it's basically from top to bottom are the car's speed (SPD), acceleration (ACC), the carriage's swing speed (SWG), the ladder's extension speed (ELS), and the basket's capacity for passengers (CPA).

Hashigosha was made as part of the 12th Ahoge jam this weekend, with over 30 games assembled based on the theme of "hataraku kuruma" or "work car." We'll look at a few more great entries this week, but for now enjoy Nekogames' Hashigosha.