No Photos, Please! is a two-player stealth game set in a museum, where one person assumes the role of a photographer while the other takes control of the security in charge of the exhibits. The photographer's objective is to snap pictures of exhibits in the museum without anyone knowing, and the guard must figure out which person in the crowd is the offender and try to catch him or her in the act.

At the start of the game each side has to determine which visitors in the museum are being directly controlled by them. Similar to Spy Party you'll have to blend into the crowd to avoid suspicion, though there are several telltale signs that could help in revealing the location of either player. The instant a picture is taken, the guard has only two minutes to find the photographer before the museum closes.

Each player has a set of abilities that could be used to make detection easier or harder. The guard has a proximity sensor that beeps faster whenever he gets closer to the other player, though a rerouter can also be deployed by the photographer to fool the sensor into tracking it instead. The photographer is also able to drop a banana peel to make his pursuer slip, or use the camera flash to quickly run to a different section in the museum hall.

No Photos, Please! is currently on Steam Greenlight and is scheduled for a Q2 release in 2014 on Windows and Mac.