Base Helicopter Grind.jpg

Skateboarding never really got its sidescrolling due in the past, but Roll7 is here to set that straight in a big way on Sony's Vita. I'll get the obvious thought out of the way right away: OlliOlli provides the most fun I've had with a the genre -- 2D or 3D -- in probably seven or eight years.

The controls take a little getting used to, so much so that I am reminded by how alien the controls in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater felt at first. You use the X button to push for speed, and the left stick to jump into the air. Which direction you press determines what trick you do, while tapping X right before you land will finish the trick. Stick the landing and get perfect points. Botch it and get less. You also tilt the stick to grind. The scoring system is all timing based. Perfect grinds and landings seem to come when you press the button or stick at the last possible second.

After probably 10 minutes of hilariously awful faceplants, I was able to cobble together a decent run. The next 10 minutes saw me complete the first five levels, and almost all the objectives in them as well. Believe me, that's not a knock on the game, as there are 50 levels total that ramp up considerably from the early moments. OlliOlli will be available today for $13, though Playstation Plus members can snag it for $10.39 this week.