In Lucas Molina's Painters Guild, players will manage a guild of painters as they try to create works of art while making a living by selling their masterpieces. The main campaign mode follows the early life of one talented individual named Leonardo Da Vinci, beginning with his apprenticeship and tutelage under the master painter Verrocchio. Commoners and royalties alike will arrive at your doorstep and request for paintings, and if you manage to get them done on time you'll earn yourself some florins to spend on new furniture for your guild.

When a request for a painting is received, you have to assign a painter to work on the canvas. The more skilled a painter is, the less time it'll take for the painting to be finished and handed over to a happy customer. Idle painters can spend time improving their techniques or regain energy by resting. Putting an experienced painter next to a novice will transfer some of the teacher's knowledge to the student automatically, and one day perhaps even the master will allow the apprentice to paint together on the same canvas.

Painters Guild is currently up on Steam Greenlight for approval to get on Steam, and the alpha demo that's playable now features only two painters for you to manage. Future updates are expected to include a sandbox mode for infinite replayability, famous historical (and procedural-generated) artists to hire, more furniture, relationships, and plenty more paintings rendered in pixel art form.