rdbk2b.pngRDBK is a fast-paced Breakout game that incorporates a minor rule change to speed things up and reduce the time between waits for the ball to reach your paddle. You have only about a minute to destroy all breakable objects in every stage, and the timer is represented by a rapidly-decreasing bar located just above the collection of blocks.

When the ball bounces off your paddle, it'll break all blocks in its path instantaneously and quickly return back to the bottom of the screen for you to hit it again. Each time it gets close to the paddle you only have a split second to position yourself underneath the ball and send it flying back towards the blocks. If you happen to miss, the momentum is lost and you'll have to waste precious seconds watching the ball bounce around the room slowly.

The longer you keep the ball of the ground and bouncing off blocks, the more points you score as the multiplier goes up. If white isn't your favorite colour, there are six more choices to pick from in the options menu. The game also includes fifty achievements to unlock in total.

A browser version of RDBK is available to play now at nekogames' site, while Android users can grab the free download from Google Play for their mobile devices.