Sega's 128-bit underdog, the venerable Dreamcast, simply refuses to die. It must either be its personality or the fact that devs simply can't keep their hands off the thing. One could never tell and that really doesn't matter as long as exciting shmups like Redux Dark Matters keep getting released.

Now, as my review copy is still in the mail and this is one of those rare games that are only (and nostalgically) available on physical media, I cannot be sure as to how good Redux Dark Matters actually is. What I do though know is that it looks fantastic, comes from a proven indie team and even features music from legendary composer Chris Huelsbeck. As soon as I play it, I will of course let you know whether its promised 7 game worlds, huge bosses and selection of weapons are as good as they sound on paper.

Dreamcast owners can buy themselves a copy of the game via Hucast or even grab it complete on 4 CDs with its soundtrack here.