tolagal2c.pngThe sequel to Matt Jenning's Escape to Tolagal (made for the One Game a Month challenge), Return to Tolagal is a much-improved sequel that utilizes Oryx's fantasy sprite set for nearly all of its graphics. This roguelike has been designed with mobile devices in mind, though the browser version plays well enough with the implemented keyboard shortcuts.

Similar to other dungeon crawls, you play as a hero who has to descend into the dungeon of Tolagal and defeat the enemies within. When in combat action points (AP) dictate who moves next, and players can spend additional APs to increase their weapon's damage or activate a special ability. Any items on the ground or in your inventory can be examined using the inspect function, and health potions can be consumed to restore some of your health.

Return to Tolagal is a work in progress, but you can play the latest build now at Newgrounds. The new version uploaded just days ago has a new leveling system that allows players to pick which attributes to spend their upgrade points on.

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